we make 

you pretty online.


The Bennett Studio is a boutique digital design and management company based in Leslieville, Toronto. 

We’re a mother-daughter duo that want to make this new fast-paced, non-stop, what is a gif?, #hustlelife just a little bit easier.

We specialize in helping artists, small businesses and entrepreneurs curate and own their online presence. From website design to photography to social media management and training, we’ve got your back.


Grace Bennett


For Grace, it started with the obsessive need to make Veronica Mars fan art at the age of 12, which led to learning how to edit the code of her Livejournal theme to match said fanart and from there the need to get her hands on all things digital media snowballed. Since then, she's studied photography and graphic design at Concordia University and Seneca College and found her calling helping entrepreneurs and small businesses design and strategize their digital platforms.

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Nancy Bennett


After a 30+ year career in finance, Nancy has spent the past five years pursuing her painting career and immersing herself in Toronto's art community. Having been an early adopter to all things social media since the dawn of Twitter and Facebook, she has made a name for herself as not only an artist through these channels but also an educator to help bridge the generational gap in the digital world.

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